Is the “work I want to accomplish” pile refusing to grow smaller because of the time needed to keep up on the necessary paperwork? Does the paperwork pile just seem to be getting higher and higher? I can help you wade through those receipts and the necessary paperwork that comes with owning a business. Filing and organizing the paperwork, so that it’s easy to get a hold of,  makes such a huge difference in our attitude towards work. It takes away the frustration of never being able to find anything and clients/customers see a much happier business owner.

Is the invoicing, paying the bills, doing payroll  etc. getting on your nerves because you wish you could just be out there doing what you envisioned doing when you first started the business instead of doing the necessary evil of a business: bookkeeping and office work? I can come in and have those bills paid, the invoices entered, the payroll prepared and the bank balanced in a relatively short period of time while you’re doing what you enjoy, making clients/customers happy and making money at the same time.

Are your books IRS audit ready?  There’s nothing worse then getting that notice from the IRS and knowing that there will be problems. Not knowing where the paperwork is to support your numbers, the sleepless nights of worrying what they’ll find and how much in back taxes you’ll owe and hoping against hope that you’ll actually get a refund. We all hope that never happens but it pays to be prepared and in the end there’s the peace of mind of knowing that even if it were to happen it would be a breeze to get through.

Are your books an absolute mess and you feel like throwing everything in the trash? Does book work take much longer to do then you think it should? Is working with numbers just not your forte? I can come in and straighten the books out and make sense of what used to be a mess. I can give you accurate books and give you that missing time back,  give you your sanity back and those restful nights back.

When you work with me, I provide the following benefits:

  • You get peace of mind about your finances.
  • You get organized paperwork, where you can find what you need easily.
  • You get your business and/or personal finances in order and ready for taxes.
  • You get valuable time to focus on what you love to do.
  • You get someone who will take care of your financial concerns.

Using quickbooks, I’ll help you set-up/clean-up your bookkeeping and bring you peace of mind about your business and/or personal finances. Schedule a free consultation by calling 503-312-4114, to learn how I can help you with your business and personal finances.


“As complex and diverse as our company’s bookkeeping needs are Mekvold Quality Bookkeeping has been a perfect fit for us for many years now. Aleta has created a successful flow in managing the services we need with superior knowledge, dedication and integrity. As we are a multimillion dollar business dealing with intangible goods online we require the up most in honesty. Aleta comes highly recommended by us.”  Dennis Hutchinson, Chief Operating , Officer, Shattered Crystal, LLC.