About Aleta

Aleta MekvoldI graduated from OIT with a degree in Accounting/Industrial Management- Operations. In 1996, after working in various bookkeeping positions at bookkeeping firms and for CPA’s we decided that I’d quit to spend time with my children. But one client at the CPA firm I had worked at had other ideas. He wanted me to continue doing his books on my own; he then referred me to someone else, they referred me to someone else and the CPA they used started referring me work. Thus a new business was formed.

I’ve always loved working with numbers. Accounting, aside from P.E., was the easiest A I earned in high school. I enjoy getting all the numbers to line up so that I can bring my clients the financial peace of mind that comes in knowing exactly where you stand.  You no longer have to worry about when you’ll find time to do the books. Instead you can focus on running your business and doing what you love. I also provide personal finance help for seniors and individuals.

For many years I’ve kept the business pretty low key but now I’m excited to be expanding it into a full time endeavor. One daughter is out and on her own and is expecting!! I still can’t believe I’ll be a grandma! The other daughter is now nearing the end of high school and it is now time for the business to grow.

When I’m not working I thoroughly enjoy gardening. It’s very therapeutic and I can literally lose myself in my yard. I also love cross stitching and reading.


“Aleta Mekvold has been handling my in house accounting and bookkeeping since 1997. She has been an integral part of my business with her efficiency, flexibility and professionalism.”

~ Brett K. Laurila, Architect