Bookkeeping for Seniors

Are you in a time of your life where you’d love to not worry about the everyday side of finances? Or are you so busy having fun that the bills tend to slide? I can assist in paying the bills, balancing the check register, making sure that automatic deposits are being deposited as they should and that there are no funny charges popping up on your bank statement or phone bills. You’ll know each month where you stand financially.

Are you tired of getting calls from people trying to sell you “the best deal around” or “We really need your help getting money for this cause”? Tell them that you need to consult with your financial advisor before making the decision. There’s a good chance you’ll never hear back! I can check and make sure they are a legitimate company/fundraiser that you can safely buy from or donate to.

Is your filing system just tossing bills, important papers and receipts into a file folder or box? I’ll help you organize your bills, important papers and receipts neatly so come tax time everything is easily found. If something you bought needs to be returned that receipt will be at the tip of your fingers.

Do you have household employees/caregivers that should really be on payroll but aren’t because it’s just to much of a hassle? I will get you set up and prepare the payroll for you.

Are you having trouble finding the help that you need in cleaning gutters, preparing taxes, cutting your hair? Through my connections in East County I’ll find somebody that can help you at a reasonable cost.

Is it hard keeping up with medication lists that the doctors like for you to have when you go see them? I’ll help you make sure those lists are up to date so you’re not scrambling trying to figure it out just before going to the doctor or even getting to the doctors office and realizing the list you have is totally out of date.

I really feel that the senior community is under served.  I enjoy working with seniors; you have some really interesting stories to tell and since you’ve been through so much more in life you’re much wiser then me!

My goals are to:

  • Help take away the burden of worrying about the day to day side of finances.
  • Organize your paperwork in a way that makes it easy for YOU to find what you need.
  • Help you decide what charities are the best ones to donate to.
  • Help you decide if that deal is really “too good to pass up”.
  • Prepare payroll for household employees/caregivers.
  • Through community connections find people to help you with everyday needs.
  • Help you keep your medication list up to date.
  • And most of all, the peace of mind in knowing that everything is taken care of.

Schedule a free consultation by calling 503-312-4114, to learn how I can help bring you financial peace of mind.