There are many different aspects to bookkeeping. Some business owners are fine in dealing with most of them but would prefer not to handle one or two areas. I can step in and deal with those areas you’d much rather not have anything to do with.

Other business owners want nothing at all to do with bookkeeping at all. Working with numbers brings nothing but misery and lots of sleepless nights in the end. I offer full charge bookkeeping for those who just HATE working with numbers.

The bookkeeping services I offer are:

– Quickbooks set-up/training

– Account clean-up

– Invoicing/managing accounts receivable

– Paying bills/managing accounts payable

– Balancing your bank

– Enter credit card transactions and make sure they balance

– Making sure your loan balances are kept up to date

– If you have online Paypal, Google Cart or Money Booker accounts I have a unique service which allows you to pull sales, expenses and fees off the spreadsheets so they can be entered into the main company books.

– If you prefer to handle the everyday items of paying bills and invoicing, I come in and simply reconcile the bank/credit card accounts, enter payroll if you’re outsourcing it and scan the accounts to make sure everything looks good.

My goal for my clients is to give them the peace of mind of knowing whenever they need to see where they stand financially, it’sĀ available. Just knowing your books are up to date and accurate takes a load off the shoulders and helps you focus on doing what you love.