Financial Cleanup

Are your financial numbers out of balance with your business records? Are you afraid you’ll be audited by the IRS? Do you have multiple years where you haven’t filed your taxes? Are you afraid to even look at your finances?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you need my financial clean-up services. I provide financial peace of mind to business owners. When I do a financial clean-up with your business, I will help you make sense of the numbers, sort out the records, and clean up your files so that you can file taxes and keep track of your cashflow with confidence.

You may feel intimidated. You know there’s a problem and that it’s not going away. It’s growing and growing and growing. Let me relieve the pressure. When I work with you, there’s no judgement or shame. Instead I help you understand your finances and get back on course with your business and life. Instead of continuing to worry about your money situation, let me help you make sense of it. When we’re done with the financial clean-up, you will have accurate records. More importantly, you’ll have peace of mind. You’ll sleep better at night, and you’ll know your financial situation inside and out.

The following services are provided with financial clean-up:

  • Bring your bank statement into balance.
  • Sort out Accounts Receivable so you know exactly what is owed from your customers.
  • Bring your Accounts Payable into balance so you know exactly how much you owe  each vendor.
  • Make sure loans that you may have are entered properly and balances are current.
  • Bring your Credit Card accounts into balance.
  • Provide a set of books that is completely up to date.

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